Friendly Neighbors Strike Again

The weekend before Thanksgiving, my lovely neighbors called the cops on us, resulting in a cranky female telling us to leave each other alone.  Apparently, leaving us alone meant sending me a long email, as I received this on Wednesday before Thanksgiving:

“I would really like to know what your problem is with [my boyfriend] and I? If you had a problem with the dog then come saying something like you preach in your rants on this site.
Also I guess since your claim against me to the animal management didn’t go thru it was time to go to HOA.
Really what is it any of your business or how does it affect you if I play fetch with my dog over in the common area where there are no houses? She isn’t in your yard nor does she use the restroom in your yard. Perhaps it’s easy for you to take your dog for a walk but if you haven’t noticed I have a toddler that I can’t very well walk both of them not that I owe you any explanation.
And really complaining about a work truck that sits out front well that’s like the pot calling the kettle black considering that is where tie husbands car has sat several nights and that’s exactly where yours was just at.
On top of telling the police your issue is with our dog so that’s what you are video taping well if that’s the case your “criminal trespassing” letter is a joke and has nothing to do with my dog.
Bottom line is you don’t have to like us but let’s be clear you don’t even know us but we do have to be neighbors and being a neighbor doesn’t mean trying to control the way we run our household nor our animal.
My animal is taken care of and is health and happy.
She is a puppy and with that comes being outside and she is gonna bark and whine because she always wants to play. Again I really owe you no explanation.. So do me a favor and stay in your own business and out of mine. I can find petty things to complain about everyone around here but I have way better things to do.
So a little advice it’s not like we are renting this house and I am not going anywhere anytime soon so we can make this civil or you can make it how you are now.”


She’s quite the wordsmith.  Yesterday, she came banging on our door at 10 in the morning, stating she wasn’t trespassing on our property because there were no signs posted about our front porch being private property.  She refused to leave, we called the police, and eventually got some good guidance on how to deal with her and her idiot boyfriend.

Today, we discovered that one of our cars had been vandalized.  This is after my brakes mysteriously disintegrated in the driveway, and after my tires were mysteriously flattened.  The oil line was mysteriously cut; oil splatters on the drive, but not the amount of oil present that you would expect to leak out of a car.  The only thing that kept me from calling the police was that we don’t have a lick of proof to show who did this.  We have nothing, and it’s frustrating beyond belief.


I’m not an idiot, nor am I paranoid.  I am 100% certain that they screwed with our cars.  The damage always occurred less than 24 hours after they got angry at us, the guy would be at work early the day we discovered the damage, and the woman would be away from home for the day.  They have yelled at us for where we park because apparently we keep their kids from playing in our driveway when we use it to park.  You know, the thing driveways are made for.  I am beyond livid that this happened and that they’re just going to get away with it.

Until we can get the security cameras installed and finalize a few other things that we were directed to do by the police, we’re basically helpless.  These assholes won.  I simply cannot understand what would compel a person to do this.  What if my husband had driven that car and it malfunctioned and he died?  What if my brakes had failed while I was driving and I got into an accident?  They don’t care.  They didn’t think.  All they gave a shit about was getting even at all costs.  I’m open to any advice anyone has at this point.  I’m tired of feeling helpless and I’m tired of being the victim.  I’ve had enough.


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  1. File reports regardless of whether you have surveillance cameras or not, that way you have a history of incidents to tie back to them once you actually get them on video doing it and can get multiple charges put on them.

  2. Documentation is important. Get security cameras installed ASAP.

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