Amy Schumer was recently called out as a woman who inspires us because she is a plus size female who still loves her body.  Amy Schumer, a female who wears a size 6 to an 8, called plus size.  I have to admit, I’m a little surprised to learn that this means I am also a plus size female, and apparently have been since high school.  Perhaps I need to go on a diet and get myself down to a respectable size 2?

The idea that a size 6 is entering plus size territory is insulting, unfair, and pretty disgusting.  I’m not knocking people who have an issue with their weight and are either obese or unhappy with their extra pounds, I simply find it horrifying that we are teaching women to believe that such a small size is “plus” and not skinny enough or socially acceptable.  I’m appalled that we’re sending a message that unless you’re a twig with a sizeable thigh gap, you’re a fat cow who will never be truly attractive but who can at least be confident “for a big girl.”


Body image is a serious issue, especially among women, and it’s not difficult to see why.  If we’re honestly being told that a size 6 is a plus size, what is a woman wearing a size 12 to think?  She’s a whale?  What about a woman in a size 18?  Too big to leave the house?  Mind you, these are not uncommon sizes for women in this country, and a size 12 can most certainly be a healthy size for a woman, depending on her body type and build.  I’m one of many women who are built curvy and happen to have wider hips and shoulders than the average woman.  That doesn’t mean I’m “huge” or plus size, it’s just how I was put together.  There isn’t a damn thing wrong with it.

I’m sick and tired of the unreasonable expectations that are thrust upon females to look like a magazine cover 24/7 or risk being torn apart by others.  Even celebrities get shit on when they forgo their makeup as they walk the dog or get photographed at an unfortunate angle.  We’ve all seen the various “ugly celebrity” photo montages online and in magazines, making fun of cellulite or bags under the eyes.  It’s tacky and uncalled for.  Why do we find joy in the destruction of others?  Why can’t we be content with the knowledge that we’re all different and those differences make us uniquely special?

If you consider me plus size when my pant size is in the single digits, you can kindly go fuck yourself.  You are the problem.  You are what’s wrong, not my body.  I am fantastic at my current size and I’d be as fantastic in a size 12 as I’d be in a 2.  We don’t need to conform to anyone else’s standards but our own.  Your definition of perfection is not mine.  If you’re offended by someone’s size, look away.  If you need to mock others to feel better about yourself, go get help.  We need to quit praising women for being “fat but still pretty” and accept the fact that the concept of beauty is different from person to person and no one definition is correct over others.  And for God’s sake, stop calling a size 6 “plus size.”


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  1. I would say maybe things would be better if women’s clothes sizes were measured in a way that made sense to begin with, but given the way literally every clothing manufacturer skews the sizes of their clothes vs. the actual sizes the clothes measure that doesn’t really work.

    Also, as a fatass with image issues, I for one hope that a clear distinction remains between “big person that is big because they’re in good athletic shape” and “big person that is deluded” because every time I see someone pull up some athlete as an example of someone that is heavy but still good looking I have a difficult time not rolling my eyes out of my skull because the person using that as an example is almost never in good athletic shape themselves.

    I’ve been morbidly obese, I’ve also been in excellent marathon running shape. It sucked and was difficult to get there, but it was possible.

    Then I got cancer and all that hard work went out the window while I sat around for seven months recovering from surgery and chemo and never really recovered from the aftermath (balance is tenuous because of the constant ringing in my ears, everything aches all the time from the nerve damage,etc.).

    Someday I’ll be close to the shape I was in pre-cancer, but it’s going to be hard to get there. What fat people like me need is not to have a bunch of people campaigning for acceptance/whatever.

    Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes. All kinds of other ailments are a direct long term result of being a lardass and we need to stop telling people it’s okay to slowly kill themselves with neglect.

    On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 1:55 PM, The Sanity Of A Mad Woman wrote:

    > Jamie C. Baker posted: “Amy Schumer was recently called out as a woman who > inspires us because she is a plus size female who still loves her body. > Amy Schumer, a female who wears a size 6 to an 8, called plus size. I have > to admit, I’m a little surprised to learn that this mea” >

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