CM Punk Chants Continue From The WWE Universe


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“Long time no see. I only pray the caliber of your questions has improved.” - Kevin Smith

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  1. John Todd and Fritz Springmier are both terrible candidates for leadership or martyrdom for any kind of organized opposition to oppressive governments or agendas. Todd was a admitted occultist even after turning to Chaytsirniti. Not to mention years of mental illness. And it’s no secrect what happened to him, he molested and raped women and children in his rituals And died in Jail. Springmier was a fanatical Christian with ties to White Supremacists. And tried to bomb porno stores.

  2. Ağu22 Dengeler sürekli değişiyor. İbre bir o yana, bir bu yana. Ama işin özünde olan ne? İnsan denen varlık kendi soyunu kurutuyor. Kendi cinslerini katlederek, doğayı katlederek, diğer canlıları katlederek.

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