Praise For HHH’s NXT Product


My husband and I recently had the privilege of attending an NXT Live event in our hometown; you can read his review and see our photos here. This is the first NXT show we’ve been to, and only the second house show. Anyone who has been to a house show knows that you can expect the good guys to always come out on top, for the kids to receive special treatment and get closer to the athletes, and for the entire atmosphere to be much more relaxed. NXT took it all to another level.

The venue we attended for NXT Live was one we’ve been to before for concerts. The room is normally cleared throughout the middle for general admission with seating upgrades on either sides featuring tables, chairs, and your own personal wait staff for drinks. For NXT, the ring sat directly in the middle of the ballroom…

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The WWE Brand Split: Impending Doom or Breath of Fresh Air?

Nervous about WWE’s brand split tonight? Check out this article on FaceToHeel covering the pros and cons.


Been there, done that. WWE has dipped its toe in the brand split pool once before. It didn’t exactly work out for everyone involved, fans especially. Back in 2002, a Raw/Smackdown split took place that saw a draft lottery, two champions, and even split commentary during pay-per-views. It had a few high spots, but mostly it was a mess. On July 19th, WWE is again tempting fate by converting to a live format for Smackdown. How will this affect the WWE going forward? Is this a good idea or a misconceived concept that seems better on paper than it does in televised execution? Face to Heel is going to break down the possible pros and cons of the brand split and what the eventual fallout could be.


–If done properly, Smackdown could be a great extension to Raw and a welcoming environment for new talent. Signing independent wrestlers, bringing…

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TNA’s Impact Wrestling Is Actually Getting Better

TNA is getting better, and even managing to surpass WWE in a few ways. WWE recently tried to one up TNA and ended up embarrassing themselves. Check out this article by my husband on to see more on how TNA is changing their landscape and rebuilding their company.


The title of this post is misleading. It would suggest opinion on my part. My declaration that TNA is getting better sounds like a fanboy getting excited over something other people roll their eyes at. But the truth of the matter is, I don’t have to give any opinion at all. I can write this as an unbiased sports journalist with a passion for sports entertainment. The people saying TNA is getting better are the same people who many consider to the be the pinnacle of global, professional wrestling. The folks taking notice of TNA’s Impact Wrestling, and ultimately showing a few beads of sweat on their forehead, is Vince McMahon’s juggernaut, WWE. And the boost in TNA’s relevance can be attributed to an unsurprising wrestler, one who was once a part McMahon’s vast empire. We’re talking about none other than one half of The Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy.



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Monday Night Raw Review and Feedback (07.18.2016)


Tonight is the final Raw before the brand split and drafts tomorrow night on Smackdown, which is getting me excited, but very nervous. Stephanie McMahon kicks things off, but barely gets a word out before brother Shane enters the arena. Steph reminds us that this will be Shane’s last Raw, as he is the commissioner of Smackdown, while she controls Raw. Steph makes an amazing announcement; thanks to the success of the Cruiserweight Classic on the Network, Raw will exclusively have a new Cruiserweight division. This is huge and a great move for WWE.

Steph’s second announcement is to name none other than Mick Foley as General Manager of Raw! Foley compares the current New Era to the Attitude Era, and the brand split to Monday Night Wars, so I hope he has big plans for his new position as GM. Foley makes a lot of promises, and his history shows…

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Disabled And Desperate

I hate asking for help. So much so, that my husbad took the initiative and created a GoFundMe to ask. I had no idea he was doing it, but I’m glad he did.

I’m a wreck. Beyond a wreck, actually. We’re struggling and there seems to be no way out. A dollar helps. Anything. The most I can offer in return is to promote something you care about on this site and my twitter. Please donate or share. I greatly appreciate any help you can give.

TNA Impact On POP Review and Feedback 06.28.2016)


We’re two weeks our from Pop TV’s epic failure, airing endless commercials on loop as Impact Wrestling was to air live, a rare occurrence. We’re also two weeks away from Destination X, that will hopefully air without error. Tonight begins with The Miracle and his wife, Maria Kanellis. Last week, The Miracle, Mike Bennett, stole the X Division championship and Maria got Dixie Carter temporarily suspended. Bennett wants to cash in his title at Destination X and win the World Championship. Lashley comes out after hearing Bennett talk about how he’ll never be as good as The Miracle. Lashley says that Bennett woke the sleeping giant, but Bennett refuses to be intimidated.

Ethan Carter III is out now, telling Lashley that in the main event tonight, he will win back the Heavyweight Championship. EC3 also points out that Bennett cheated his way to that title and flat out calls him…

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NXT Review and Feedback (6.22.2016)


With every new talent signed on, NXT gets more exciting every week, and some weeks I find myself looking forward to it more than Raw. We kick off this week with a video package from Finn Balor, highlighting his journey and the next step in his career, which is taking on the one of a kind, Shinsuke Nakamura.

Tye Dillinger is in our first match, facing off against Oney Lorgan, someone I’ve never heard of, but the announce team describes as a “tough dude.” Dillinger is looking to break his losing streak tonight. Lorgan definitely has some great moves and is making it hard for Dillinger to gain his footing. Dillinger takes a hard hit to the jaw and is pinned, but with the shoulder under the rope, the ref breaks it up. Dillinger finally gets Lorgan pinned in a corner and delivers some chops before hurling him across the…

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Rape is Rape

Brock Turner was caught in the act, sexually assaulting an unconsious woman outside of a frat party at Stanford University. Two grad students spotted Turner on top of the unnamed woman; they lay next to a dumpster and she was clearly not awake or aware. Turner ran when the men approached, and one was able to chase and tackle him while the other called the police. For his crime, which the victim suffered from immensely, he received six months in jail and 3 years probation. The judge, Aaron Persky, says that the extremely lenient sentence was because he believed Turner when he stated that this woman, who was so drunk that she could not fend off this man, gave consent for sex. He also stated that Turner was remorseful, even though he only admitted remorse about drinking too much and the “dangers of alcohol.”


I’m going to get more personal than I normally do and share a bit of something that makes me uncomfortable. There was a sad moment in my life where I had to live in  boarding house. During that time, I was assaulted by a crackhead who thought her boyfriend had looked at my housemate and I in a sexual way. She flipped out and my housemate, her baby and I locked ourselves in my room and called the police. She ended up trying to run from the police and got hog-tied. I had to go to the hospital for blood tests because she was using needles, she caused me to bleed when she attacked me, and I had no idea if she had hepatitis or AIDS or what. Thankfully, I was fine.

My housemate was married, and lived right across the hall from me with her husband and baby daughter. We were all friendly and would sometimes share a drink together. We were also friends with a couple who lived down the hall in a larger, more apartment-style unit. One day, my housemate was away with her baby, and the husband was home hanging out with the couple. I was by myself, just finishing a shift waiting tables. I showered and went over to the couple’s place to hang out for a bit. Once they started smoking weed, I decided to go back to my place. The husband followed. I didn’t realize he was following me.

I unlocked my door and as I started to step inside, he hit me from behind and knocked me directly into my bed, which was right inside the door. My cats ran for it and hid in the closet. Thanks, cats. I got up immediately in a panic and asked what the fuck he was doing. He was acting strange; he’d always been respectful and almost reserved, but I had also never encountered him without his wife before. He didn’t answer me, slammed my door behind him and was in my face in breakneck speed. One hand went around my throat and the other started trying to take off my clothes. He was bigger than me, taller and stronger. I screamed as loud as I could possibly scream for him to get his fucking hands off of me, punched him repeatedly in the ribs, and started kicking at his legs. I got in a solid groin shot, which finally got him to release his grip on my throat. He told me that he knows I want him because he saw the way I looked at him. I don’t remember what I grabbed, but I grabbed something off of my nightstand, swung at him, and told him that if he didn’t get the fuck out, I would kill him. He left.

I didn’t get raped by this idiot, but I could have. He didn’t come close to accomplishing his goal, and I still felt incredibly violated. I had a friend come stay with me every day for weeks until I moved out. I started carrying a knife. I couldn’t sleep. I started to question myself; was it my fault? Was I too nice? That was my reaction and I DIDN’T EVEN GET RAPED. So, imagine Brock Turner’s victim, who was raped and then sent to the hospital with debris in her vagina and then told by the legal system that she couldn’t be trusted, that maybe she was flirtacious and asked for it, that it was her fault in part that it happened. She is the victim, and the court system (and many of Turner’s supporters) have instead turned her rapist into the victim and her as the instigator.

Rape isn’t something we should take lightly. “I couldn’t help myself” is not an excuse for violating another person against their will. No means no. If a person cannot give consent, they cannot agree to a sexual act. If I’m passed out drunk and my husband tries to get it on with me while I’m muttering no during my brief moments of clarity, that is rape. It doesn’t matter who, doesn’t matter the situation. Rape is rape and we need to make these people responsible. We need to stop blaming the victim. When we tell women what to do/how to dress/how to act to avoid rape, what we are really saying is “this is what to do to ensure he rapes the other girl and not you.”

My experience is still something I can recall in detail, and it happened back in 2004. Turner’s victim will recall what happened to her for the rest of her life, made worse because it went to court and she had to see her attacker and deal with intrusive question after question about the incident. Brock Turner is not the victim. Brock Turner was 100% in the wrong. Stop shaming rape victims and trying to find the bright side of the rapists. They chose to cross the line, and they should have to live with that choice for the rest of their lives, just as their victim has to. I leave you with the disgusting letter that Turner’s father wrote to the judge.



2016 WWE Money In The Bank Matchcard And Predictions


The 7th Money In The Bank PPV will be held in the Las Vegas suburb of Paradise, Nevada this year. We still only have the one briefcase for the WWE World Heavyweight title; since the belts were unified, WWE has not opted to add another briefcase for a contract for the United States, Intercontinental, or even the Women’s Title, something that would be incredible to see. Notably absent from this PPV is The Miz, our current Intercontinental champion. According to his Twitter account, the title is safely around his waist while he is off filming The Marine 5. Let’s take a look at the match card and make some predictions for the show tomorrow night.

Apollo Crews vs Sheamus – Preshow Kickoff Singles Match

It’s difficult not to smile when Crews enters the arena; he is a giant ball of positive energy, is incredibly grateful for the opportunity he…

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Stand With Orlando

I am still having a rough time wrapping my mind around what happened at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. More and more states are legalizing same sex marriages, which gave me so much hope. More and more people are able to transition to the gender they identify with, with the assistance of doctors, family and friends, which is amazing. Businesses who refuse to serve same sex couples are usually greeted with outrage instead of congratulations, which is exactly how we should react. It seemed like we were getting somewhere.

Out of nowhere, on a night where friends, family members, old and young, of various genders and orientations were having fun and enjoying life, one horrible person destroyed everything. Innocent people were murdered, others injured. A former safe place was riddled with bullet holes. The wrong kind of history was made thanks to the death toll.


Some people want to blame terrorism. This would be a mistake. Idiots like Donald Trump want you to believe that this was an evil Muslim who came to this country with the goal of destroying America. Not the case; the shooter wasn’t attacking America, he was attacking the LGBTQ community. I don’t care if he did it out of self hatred or for religious reasons or because society still doesn’t fully accept certain lifestyles; the point is, he targeted this community out of hatred.

If you don’t care about the shooting at Pulse, you are part of the problem. “But I’m straight and don’t believe in homosexuality, so it doesn’t affect me.” Simply because you don’t believe in someone’s lifestyle doesn’t mean that you should feel justified in ignoring their suffering and silently condoning their slaughter. We’re not savages; we should value every human life regardless of whether or not we agree with their personal choices. We should not get to turn our backs on this type of tragedy, especially one as horrifying as the shooting at Pulse.


Thanks to the actions of one horrible person, who thankfully is no longer around, people around the country have been afraid to celebrate Pride month. People who I call friends are afraid of their lives. Let me repeat: THEY ARE AFRAID FOR THEIR LIVES. All because of who they prefer to spend their time with. There are not enough of us fighting for the rights of our peers. We need to be more vocal. We need to make it clear that the ones filled with hatred are the ones in the wrong, not our LGBTQ community. We need to do more, and we need to be better. We can’t keep allowing this to happen.




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