WWE Superstar Eva Marie Suspended For Wellness Policy Violation

My least favorite WWE star has been suspended! Read more at



Just when you thought things were safe, WWE announced via Twitter that Eva Marie has been suspended for 30 days due to a violation of the Wellness Policy. Like Paige, who was suspended yesterday along with boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, this is Eva’s first violation of the policy. This will take Eva out of the six woman tag team match at Summerslam this weekend.

Eva Marie was drafted to Smackdown, but has yet to compete due to kayfabe injuries, wardrobe malfunctions, and traffic delays. There was a chance that WWE had a storyline in place to keep her from even competing this weekend in order to put more heat on her, but we’ll never know for sure now. The rumored plan was to give Eva a huge push and eventually put her into the title picture, so it will be interesting to see how this suspension affects that.

I’m not…

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Monday Night Raw Review and Feedback (08.15.2016)



It’s time for Monday Night Raw! This is the go home show before the Summerslam PPV; WWE’s second largest event of the year. We start off with a look back earlier today, where Seth Rollins lets us know why he is the man and why he will be the first WWE Universal Champion. He addresses Finn Balor, calling out the Demon King, then feigning surprise when no one shows up. If the Demon King is too scared to find The Man, then The Man will find the Demon King.

Back in the arena, Rusev and Lana are in the ring and both look enraged. Rusev accuses Roman Reigns of ruining a historic event, so he is cancelling Raw tonight. All is on hold until Reigns apologizes. These stand-offs always go so well, don’t they? The crowd starts a USA chant, because they aren’t creative. Thankfully, Mick Foley breaks things up…

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The Crazy Side of Paige



Paige hasn’t been on TV lately, and the official word is that she suffered minor neck and back injuries and is taking time to heal. However, the general consensus is that there is something much more serious going on with our former Divas champion. She is currently dating Alberto Del Rio, who was drafted to Smackdown while Paige was sent to Raw. The couple was reported to have been upset about the decision, and you could tell in the post-draft interview that Del Rio was certainly upset by something. The decision to separate them was reportedly done intentionally.

Paige and Del Rio took their relationship public via Instagram. Then, for some bizarre reason, Paige deleted all trace of Del Rio off her Instagram page. She later claimed that she was hacked, and that the hacker targeted only those photos for some reason. It was a lame excuse. She then went…

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NXT Review and Feedback (08.03.2016)



Wednesday’s are always better with NXT. Tonight, we will see the return of Hideo Itami, who my husband and I were lucky enough to see in mid-July this year. He got an amazing welcome from the crowd, so I imagine he’ll also see a big pop tonight. We will also see the debut of Bobby Roode, someone else we saw at the same live show, who played the villain very well.

The night kicks off with Hideo Itami, and as predicted, the crowd goes crazy with cheers and a “Welcome Back”chant. He will be facing Sean Maluta, who you may remember from the Cruiserweight Classic; he was eliminated in the first round. We also have some of the CWC contenders ringside tonight. Itami takes Maluta down early with a shoulder tackle, and delivers a quick kick to the face. A “Hi-Deo” chant begins as Maluta is on his back. Itami…

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Fibro Feels Fantastic…

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in June, after going through my own personal hell thanks to a horribly herniated disc, a procedure gone wrong, and subsequent back surgery. The diagnosis came as a surprise, especially because I had always looked at fibro as one of those diagnoses that was used when all else failed. I thought of it as something people faked in order to get pain pills. I never took it seriously until it slapped me in the face.


I’ve only typed a paragraph so far, and already my back is on fire and my arms feel like they were smashed with a hammer. Last night, I couldn’t sleep no matter what I did. Saturday night, I only got an hour of sleep, even though I was so exhausted, I could barely move. I’ve had weeks where every single day, I have a migraine or a cluster headache. I can’t vacuum the house without taking breaks, and there are far too many times when taking a shower either requires a pep talk or just doesn’t happen because I don’t have the energy.

The pain is ridiculous. It started in my ankle, and was in the leg that experienced pain when I herniated my disc and had sciatica, so I thought it was related to that. The pain spread up my leg, into my hip, and then over my entire body in the space of a week. I tried explaining it to my specialist, but they kept insisting that it was simply inflammation in my back that was pressing on the nerve and causing the pain. No matter how many times I said that the pain was different and that it was spreading, they didn’t change their minds and treated it as if it was either a reherniation or a simple swelling issue.


I eventually got in with a doctor who listened, and she ran tests and determined that it was indeed fibro. There were tests to rule things out and tests to confirm her diagnosis. On top of that, I found out that I was once again anemic. Thankfully, my awesome husband went out the very next day to grab me some iron supplements to take and get it under control. It’s not quite there yet, but I hope it’ll get there.

I’m taking fun medications for my fibro. Cymbalta is one, imitrex is another. I have a fun muscle relaxer that sometimes relieves the pain and sometimes has no effect at all. The medications don’t even get rid of the issues, they just fix things so that it’s not bothering me 24/7. I get small breaks where I feel fine, but taking advantage of those breaks to be productive means that the activity takes a toll on my body and I end up right back where I started when I’m done.


I usually love staying up late with my husband on Friday and Saturday nights, but last Friday, I couldn’t keep my eyes open once 8pm hit and I went to sleep as soon as it was possible to do so. I then woke up shortly after my husband went to sleep because my hands were tingling, my jaw hurt, and my legs felt as if I had just run a marathon. I can’t remember the last time I had a normal night of sleep, and it’s wearing on me.

My skin is overly sensitive, I get nauseous and throw up, I’m often confused and don’t hear or understand people when they are speaking to me, I’m constantly worried, and I feel totally useless. I haven’t been able to work, and AETNA (disability insurance through my company) denied my claim because the claim manager decided to completely overlook the diagnosis and treated my case as if my only issue was ankle pain. While it is in the appeal stages, I am not getting paid a dime.


My husband set up a GoFundMe, and we’ve raised a little over $700 at the time of this posting. It has helped, and I’m so grateful, but we’re still in a scary hole. My son’s birthday is coming up and I can’t buy him presents or take him out. My phone was nearly shut off because the bill was so late. We now have a second car payment because one of our cars died and we had no other option. Things are a mess.

I’m afraid and I feel alone, even though my husband has been doing everything he can and then some to support me. I feel guilty for not working, even knowing I physically can’t cut it. I feel like a liar sometimes; there are a lot of people who assume that fibro is a BS diagnosis or a made up disease; I was one of those people at one point. This is a scary time in my life. I need to get this thing under control, but trying to figure out how is quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Monday Night Raw Review and Feedback (08.01.2016)



It’s nice to be excited about Raw again. The debuts and brand split have given us one solid week, and I’m hoping this week is equally as successful. With the exception of the ridiculous name, it’s fantastic to know that a new title is being introduced. The introduction of the “Last Week On Raw” graphic before the recap is a nice touch. Raw kicks off with Sasha Banks, and damn does that belt look great around her waist. The crowd starts a “You Deserve It” chant, as Banks discusses her epic match with Bayley back at NXT Takeover. Charlotte interrupts, walking to the ring alone. She promises to beat Banks at their title match at Summerslam, and brings up her long title reign. Charlotte calls Banks a “one night stand.” Banks retorts by saying that if it wasn’t for a one night stand, Charlotte wouldn’t be standing there.

The gift…

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Praise For HHH’s NXT Product



My husband and I recently had the privilege of attending an NXT Live event in our hometown; you can read his review and see our photos here. This is the first NXT show we’ve been to, and only the second house show. Anyone who has been to a house show knows that you can expect the good guys to always come out on top, for the kids to receive special treatment and get closer to the athletes, and for the entire atmosphere to be much more relaxed. NXT took it all to another level.

The venue we attended for NXT Live was one we’ve been to before for concerts. The room is normally cleared throughout the middle for general admission with seating upgrades on either sides featuring tables, chairs, and your own personal wait staff for drinks. For NXT, the ring sat directly in the middle of the ballroom…

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The WWE Brand Split: Impending Doom or Breath of Fresh Air?

Nervous about WWE’s brand split tonight? Check out this article on FaceToHeel covering the pros and cons.



Been there, done that. WWE has dipped its toe in the brand split pool once before. It didn’t exactly work out for everyone involved, fans especially. Back in 2002, a Raw/Smackdown split took place that saw a draft lottery, two champions, and even split commentary during pay-per-views. It had a few high spots, but mostly it was a mess. On July 19th, WWE is again tempting fate by converting to a live format for Smackdown. How will this affect the WWE going forward? Is this a good idea or a misconceived concept that seems better on paper than it does in televised execution? Face to Heel is going to break down the possible pros and cons of the brand split and what the eventual fallout could be.


–If done properly, Smackdown could be a great extension to Raw and a welcoming environment for new talent. Signing independent wrestlers, bringing…

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TNA’s Impact Wrestling Is Actually Getting Better

TNA is getting better, and even managing to surpass WWE in a few ways. WWE recently tried to one up TNA and ended up embarrassing themselves. Check out this article by my husband on to see more on how TNA is changing their landscape and rebuilding their company.



The title of this post is misleading. It would suggest opinion on my part. My declaration that TNA is getting better sounds like a fanboy getting excited over something other people roll their eyes at. But the truth of the matter is, I don’t have to give any opinion at all. I can write this as an unbiased sports journalist with a passion for sports entertainment. The people saying TNA is getting better are the same people who many consider to the be the pinnacle of global, professional wrestling. The folks taking notice of TNA’s Impact Wrestling, and ultimately showing a few beads of sweat on their forehead, is Vince McMahon’s juggernaut, WWE. And the boost in TNA’s relevance can be attributed to an unsurprising wrestler, one who was once a part McMahon’s vast empire. We’re talking about none other than one half of The Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy.



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Monday Night Raw Review and Feedback (07.18.2016)



Tonight is the final Raw before the brand split and drafts tomorrow night on Smackdown, which is getting me excited, but very nervous. Stephanie McMahon kicks things off, but barely gets a word out before brother Shane enters the arena. Steph reminds us that this will be Shane’s last Raw, as he is the commissioner of Smackdown, while she controls Raw. Steph makes an amazing announcement; thanks to the success of the Cruiserweight Classic on the Network, Raw will exclusively have a new Cruiserweight division. This is huge and a great move for WWE.

Steph’s second announcement is to name none other than Mick Foley as General Manager of Raw! Foley compares the current New Era to the Attitude Era, and the brand split to Monday Night Wars, so I hope he has big plans for his new position as GM. Foley makes a lot of promises, and his history shows…

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